Plastic Bag Making Machine for Coreless Bags On Roll | CHAO WEI: CW-800R-SV

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CW-800R-SV: High Speed Fully Automatic 2 Lines Coreless Bags On Roll Making Machine With Servo Motors Control. Learn More→
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/ Plastic Bag Making Machine Description /
⚡️ Special for two lines perforating coreless bottom and star sealing bags on roll.
⚡️ In-line triangle folding device for star sealing bags.
⚡️ (Edge Position Control) for the film at correct position.
⚡️ Japan made servo motors & servo drivers control bag length precisely and high speed production, reducing electric consumption.
⚡️ Bag length & production speed can be changed easily from touch screen.
⚡️ German made photocell-SICK for accurate printing mark.
⚡️ Automatic lift up reel unwinder with air shaft, reducing the number of employees.
⚡️ Automatic tension control with AC motor and inverter system for jumbo diameter film roll.
⚡️ Two lines automatic roll changing system.
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