Playing PS3 Games On PC With The RPCS3 PS3 Emulator (Build v21-11-2020)

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Mark plays PS3 on PC with the RPCS3 Emulator using the latest release available on Nov 21st 2020.

The PS3 is a great console, and a fair few games on it have not come out on the PC or elsewhere. I have checked out the emulator a couple of months back and as this is constantly worked on and improved with playable games added every week almost I figured it would be
time again to check out some gameplay.

All the games shown I actually own myself digitally or physically and this is intended as a proof of concept / preservation of gameplay.

I do not condone piracy and emulation is NOT piracy. I prefer gaming on original hardware but the fact that emulation exists brings:
- peace of mind, games will remain playable
- a way to actually enjoy the games in enhanced form
framerate and/or resolutions can often be enhanced with
the emulators
- convenience, as having the games playable on a PC with
a nice frontend hiding all the fiddling with emulators
is quite something.

The hardware used here is:
CPU Ryzen 5 2600X(6 core CPU)
RAM 16Gb 3200Mhz

The PS3 is a weird PPU super multithreaded beast and
developing for it was a challenge. Emulating it works
best on systems with as much cores as possible. So even
an older FX8350 with 8 'cores' works better than a super
modern intel chip with 2cores, 4 threads.

Keyword is CORES/ threads
Let's check out the gameplay. I've added the screen stats
display that is built into the emulator. I was quite
amazed by how the games ran.

Let's check it out!

Track: Sunset Drive used under license from Epidemic Sound

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