Playstation 4 Racing Wheel Buyers Guide by Inside Sim Racing

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presents our 2015 Playstation 4 wheel buyers guide. This guide contains 6 different wheels to choose from. Four from Thrustmaster, T80, T150, T300 and T500, One from Logitech the G29 and one from Fanatec the CSW V2.

This is not a review or a comparison of these wheels, but more of a guide to let you know what's available, the cost and the different options each set has.

We have reviewed 5 of these 6 wheels and you can find those reviews here:

Thrustmaster T150 Review:
Logitech G29 Review:
Thrustmaster T300 Review: &
Thrustmaster T500 RS Review:
Fanatec CSW V2 Review:

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