Plead With The Mountain God | Perilous Platforming | Indie Horror Game

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PC Gameplay Walkthrough. Hoping to resurrect his beloved, a man takes a treacherous journey to see a God.

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Plead with the Mountain God is a somber dark fantasy/horror-themed platformer made for the Haunted PS1 Summer of Screams Jam.

Survive the perilous climb and plead with the mountain god to resurrect your beloved.


Climb the ancient towers built to reach an age-old god.
Collect "hearts", the essence of those that came before you, in an effort to appease the god.
Talk to people who have decided to stay at the mountain.
Pray for the mountain god's favor and receive his gifts.

Because of time constraints, controller support was tested only for a PS4 controller; other controllers will most likely not work correctly.
Mouse and keyboard are also supported (but there are no rebindable keys, unfortunately).

The game doesn't have any saving, so exiting the game (or going back to the main menu) will reset everything. An average playthrough should take around 30-60 minutes, maybe slightly more if you explore the whole map.

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