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Ramon the Mexican - Ramon avenges his brother's murder and kills the Baxter Family.

Ramon the Mexican (1966)
Director: Maurizio Pradeaux
Writer: Maurizio Pradeaux
Stars: Robert Hundar, Vilma Lindamar, Jean Louis
Genre: Western
Country: Italy
Language: English
Release Date: 13 November 1966 (Italy)
Also Known As: A Vingança do Bandoleiro
Filming Locations: Collepardo, Frosinone, Lazio, Italy

A lovely lass named Esmerelda (Wilma Lindamar) is washing clothes by a stream when she’s attacked by a Mexican.

Brothers John Baxter (Ferruccio Viotti) and her boyfriend Slim Baxter (Jean Louis) come to her rescue.

But the Mexican, Juan Morales, winds up dead. And Mr. Baxter figures that’s likely to reignite a feud between the families.

Sure enough, bandit leader Ramon Morales and his men descend on the Baxter ranch, killing the patriarch and kidnapping Esmerelda.

Mrs. Baxter pleads with Slim not to resort to vengeance, even after he’s riddled with bullets and left for dead following an initial showdown with Ramon.

But when you’re dealing with Ramon and his henchmen, violence is the only answer, something Slim comes to realize after they raid the Baxter ranch for a second time.

"Beautiful looking film with suitably terse performances by Robert Hundar and Jean Louis as the primary adversaries.

Then there’s fetching Wilma Lindamar, who’s been soiled by Ramon and promises the Virgin Mary she’ll make it right by marrying him, if only she’ll let Slim recover from his near fatal wounds.

But the plot meanders too much for the film to be wholly successful and you wind up wondering why we were ever introduced to some of the characters.

There is a memorable scene in which Slim uses a unique method to quicken his draw. One of his “gang members” repeatedly pounds an axe into a piece of wood. Slim has to anticipate each fall of the axe and pull his gun — or lose his gun hand to the axe.

The ending features a pretty neat twist as well." Written by Mark Franklin on

Also Known As (AKA):
(original title): Ramon il Messicano
Brazil: Onde Termina o Inferno
Brazil (TV title): A Vingança do Bandoleiro
France: Ramon le Mexicain
Spain (video title): Venganza sin piedad
Spain: Ramon el Mexicano
USA: Ramon the Mexican


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