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Hello Fellow Vikings!????

Grab your family and friends! And don’t forget your snacks! ????????
You are in for another BROOKHAVEN MOVIE
This was one of the hardest and most effort put in a movie we ever did
A huge thank you to Volzander!
He is such a big help and working together for the movie
Thank you to our friends involved!

????Volzanders channel

????Volzanders Roblox profile

Volzander is now coming to Roblox with his new YouTube channel!
Make sure to help him out because he is definitely a trustful and hardworking person ever! And I trust him 100% ????

My Roblox profile

~ VPJProductions

Join the group to become an official fellow Viking today!
(Also don’t forget there is Merch available in the group!)

~some new merch for “Ransom” will also be made so keep a look out!

My Twitter

Enjoy! ????

My channel isn’t focused towards kids especially under the age of 13, all videos created on my channel are for fun and entertainment purposes only.
Including passion in filming and story creations, bringing ideas to life, please do not display any criticism as this is only for entertainment purposes.
It is your choice (or child’s choice) to watch videos under your own supervision and it is not me, YouTube, the game, the story or anyone involved fault. It’s just a film.
(This information includes every other videos on my channel)
Please do not copy videos as these stories are originally created pieces worked on with for many days and hours.(24/7)
If any channel or person goes against these wishes, please give PROPER CREDIT, by putting the original story link+YouTube channel link and of the original channel (VPJ Productions) into your description (otherwise it would be considered stealing hard work (originals) that was put into these videos.

~thank you

~can we use music from this video?
No, most of the music in this video is not copyright free, you will need a subscription license or permission from music owner to use music, downloading video to get music will still receive copyright claim because you do not have a subscription license connected to your YouTube channel account. 30 day free trial, but after you need to pay for music monthly.

Can we re create your story?
No I’m sorry all my videos are not meant to be copied or recreated in any form or other platforms because they come as they are.
Feeling inspired is to be inspired to create your own stories not from copying content

Can we use video to react?
No I’m sorry, it isn’t a reaction video, it’s just to watch

~videos cannot be re uploaded either to make money or take profit off of someone else’s work (with no permission) that’s not how it works, unless youtubers have been granted permission to do so from the channel itself
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