'REAL Talking Walkers & Confirmed Rick Grimes Movie Plot' The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Movie Finale

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As we discover more about the Rick Grimes movies and the CRM, it's clear that this dark organisation experiments on people and walkers and from recent reports, they are likely in search of a cure for the walker virus. In today's video let's look at one of the larger effects that walker experimentation could have on a zombie in The Walking Dead universe. We've discussed walkers that can move faster and run, we've discussed stronger walkers, we've discussed bigger what if the CRM have found consciousness within the walkers? In this video we look at how this would happen, when it would happen and most importantly, why.

Let's look at when we've seen talking zombies in TV, movies and games to explore how this could be an option for the Rick Grimes movies which has been confirmed to already be heaveily sci-fi based and likely involved in the fundamentals of walkers. What do you think? Do you think this could happen? Do you want this to happen? Make sure you let me know down below in the comments. Thanks for watching. I'll see you soon.
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