Red dead Redemption 2:Red Online stream

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My name is BLUEWITHER1845. I started my YouTube channel in 2015 when I was still young, if you like gaming or just love watching YouTubers play games do streams then my channel is for you.
Subscribe to my channel and comment on my videos for any suggestions.
for further information follow me on twitter @BLUEWITHER1845.
I upload videos for GTA5, Trove and Minecraft.
Occasionally I do live streams for Minecraft, Trove, and hello neighbour and games on PS4. In order to help my channel grow I need you guys who watch my videos to subscribe and join my gaming community. I reply to the comments that I get from you, by you subscribing I won't be alone and will always upload daily thanks.
I also make funny videos and streams for GTA5. Wither dragons crew on rockstargames social club

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