Restoration Old Air Compressor Machine | Restore Capacity Small Air Tool

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Restoration Old Air Compressor Machine | Restore Capacity Small Air Tool
According to the mechanism of action Air compressors have many types. In this restoration videos we restored a translational air compressor that uses an electric motor controlled piston. Can be fixed or moved, can be used separately or in combination. They can be controlled by an electric motor or an internal combustion engine. Air compressors using small translational pistons with a capacity of 5-30 horsepower are often used in automatic assembly and also in non-continuous motion.
Large air compressors that can produce up to 1000 horsepower are used in large industrial assemblies, but they are often underused as they can be replaced by motion compressors. round gear and screw at a cheaper price. Outlet pressures range from low to very high (lớn hơn 5000 psi or 35 MPa). For the food industry, oil-free air compressors are used relatively efficiently. However, because this is a machine with a special design, the price is relatively high.
After recovery the air compressor was in good working order.
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