RIP the Ripcord and PvP Itemization in Shadowlands - Saturday(ish) WoW News

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Discussing the Great Mount Vote (go Team Caterpillar), the Shadowlands Dev update putting the 'ripcord' to rest, my thoughts on Afterlives Ardenweald, PvP Itemization in Shadowlands and more! This show includes discussion of the WoW news of the week and answering questions. If you have any questions that you'd like answered on a vlog, include #AskHazel and leave them as comments!

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Shadowlands Full Dev Post:

NA Mount Vote:
EU Mount Vote:

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0:00 - The Shadowlands Mount Vote
1:44 - Afterlives Ardenweald Thoughts
2:29 - Shadowlands Login Screen
3:20 - RIP the Ripcord
5:11 - PvP Itemization Concerns
8:43 - Oregon Wild fires
10:29 - Adventures in Breadmaker-ing
11:27 - Expulsom in SL
12:14 - Legendaries in SL
13:20 - Underlight Angler in Shadowlands

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