SANIC & TAILS TEAM UP!! | Tails Plays SANIC MONIA!!! | Sonic Mania Mods

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The legendary meme Sanic is here to team up with his best buddy Tails!!
Tails Plays with the dumbest Sonic Mania mod ever , SANIC MONIA!
???? Tails Gaming Playlist :

Gotta Go Fast's Sanic Mod video :

Link to Mod :

Voice of Tails : Tails and Sonic Pals / BulmaBunny

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------------ Art Credits -------------
Tails Reaction Art : CuteyTCat

---- Music Used ----

Kevin MacLeod ~ Look Busy

Tails Theme : Sonic Adventure 2

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All Sonic The Hedgehog Characters are owned by Sega, This is a fan made parody channel created for Entertainment purposes.

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