Script Breakdown Tutorial: Getting Started

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StudioBinder provides tools for every phase of film, TV, photo, and video production in a central cloud-based platform. From development through production, create, track, and securely share scripts, storyboards, shooting schedules, call sheets, and more. Collaborate on, and seamlessly move through, your creative workflow. All in one place.

In this tutorial series, we give you a professional grasp of how to break down a screenplay for production. Find out the most efficient way to identify, categorize, and tag script elements. Don't go into production without an ironclad script breakdown — you need to break it down to accurately understand budget and shoot requirements. This series provides everything you need to know about breakdowns.

In this episode, we're breaking down the basics of breaking down your script. It's as simple as importing your screenplay, then highlight and tag.

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StudioBinder is the world's leading project management platform for film and TV. From scripts to storyboards, shooting schedules to call sheets and more, StudioBinder provides tools for every phase of production in one unified, secure console.

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