Script with Me - Shifting to Hogwarts Harry Potter [My Script]

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Script with Me - Here are three 3 Basics for a Reality Shifting Script to Hogwarts [Harry Potter] and I'll go into detail on how to write a script for shifting.

Get Started on Writing your Shifting Script - Here are some tips for your script and how to start shifting realities.

I'm going to show you my reality shifting script that includes the rules for the shift, what I want to see happen, and what I want to look like in my desired reality / DR. I will talk about my house (Gryffendor), my pet ( an owl ), exactly what I prefer to look like and all the details about that, and what I want to happen in my desired reality. You can use this with all the reality shifting methods including raven method, alice in wonderland method, double sided stairs method, julia method, etc.

If you need help with reality shift scripting or are out of ideas on how to start a script, go ahead and grab a pen and pencil and shift with me. This is a script for shifting to Hogwarts. I will talk about the golden trio, being friends with Hermoine, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. You can script your accent. You neeed to script your safe word and your safe action. I will tell you what you definitely don't want to leave out of your script and don't forget to include.

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