Second Shadowlands Beta 50-60 Speedrun

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My last route was good, but I can do much better. The goal of this run is to hit around 6 hours.



Q: What’s your discord tag?
A: Harldan#2316

Q: Do you have a Discord server?

Q: What are you planning to main in Shadowlands/what are your favorite classes?
A: Protection Paladin, Vengeance Demon Hunter, and Brewmaster Monk.

Q: What server do you play on?
A: Horde on Mal’ganis, I run a guild called Determined.

Q: Can I join your guild?
A: Anyone is welcome to join my guild, but if you’re interested in joining the Mythic Progression team you’ll have to message me directly.

Q: Do you have/plan on making a Twitch channel?
A: No, I only stream on YouTube. Why? Because I want to.

Q: Do you speedrun any other games?
A: I don’t do hardcore speedruns of other games aside from WoW, but I have done casual speedruns for some games. Examples include Hotline Miami, Furi, or Katana Zero.

Shadowlands Stuff

Q: What Covenant should I pick for X class/spec?
A: I run a detailed spreadsheet with Covenant rankings for every class/spec. You can find it here:

Q: Do XP Potions work in Shadowlands?
A: Draught of the Ten Lands is useable while level 50, and the buff persists for an hour after the last time you use it. For my run, I use it during the Maw and then re-use it the moment before I hit 51, giving me another hour of 10% extra experience.

Q: Should I level with Warmode On or Off in Shadowlands?
A: If you have to ask this question, you should probably be leveling with Warmode Off. Warmode On gives bonus experience, but if you’re not sure you can handle it then you’ll be safer with it off.

Q: What Covenant are you picking for your mains?
A: Kyrian for Vengeance DH and Prot Paladin, Night Fae for Brewmaster

Q: How would you rank the tanks for raiding in Shadowlands?
A: Brewmaster equal to Blood greater or equal to Vengeance greater or equal to Prot Pally greater or equal to Guardian Druid much greater than Prot Warrior

Q: Why aren’t you using the Hunger of the Pack trinket from Halls of Valor?
A: Because it’s not good, don’t trust everything you read on Wowhead.

General Speedrun Stuff

Q: How many max level characters do you have?
A: 20 Level 50 characters, many more in the 40-50 range.

Q: What addons do you use for speedrunning?
A: Leatrix Plus and NPCScan.

Q: Where can I find your leveling route?

Q: How much gold does a 10-50 speedrun usually cost you?
A: Usually around 50-100k depending on how much I have stored already.

Q: What are the fastest classes to level as?
A: Druid, Mage, DK, Hunter, Paladin, in that order
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