Shadowlands Beta: Rogue Changes and More! (Legendaries/Conduits/Soulbinds/Professions/Bug Fixes!)

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This build had quite a lot going on, so this video should help cover a lot of the rogue-specific things as well as other interesting things you might want to know about! All of the information is separated via time stamps ^^

Community Discord?!?

All of my WeakAuras I made for my personal UI:

0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:34 Overview
0:00:50 Rogue Legendaries
0:02:37 Rogue Conduits
0:04:24 Covenant Soulbinds
0:09:24 Professions
0:11:12 Rogue Bug Fixes!

If you have any comments, questions or concerns, feel free to message me here or on my Twitter account for the channel @ZeraTheRedRogue.

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As always- This is The Red Rogue, and I'll see you guys around.

*Okayest Rogue in North America is subject to debate and might be less than or more than Okayest at any given time.

Thanks a ton to the folks who run Bloodmallet, as they give so much information to the community at no charge at all. Support them if you're able to, or at least spread the word of their useful content to the rest of our community.

Much appreciation for the fine folks at for the wealth of knowledge they give to the community.

Much appreciation to Shane Ivers - for his musical piece "The Buccaneer's Haul" Which I used a portion of after adding a couple sound effects from WoWHead.
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