Shoorveer | Rajan Sippy, Mandakini, Danny & Suresh Oberoi | Bollywood Action Full Movie

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Shoorveer | Rajan Sippy, Mandakini, Danny & Suresh Oberoi | Bollywood Action Full Movie
Director: Shyam Ralhan (as Sham Ralhan)
Writers: Tarun Ghosh (screenplay), Kader Khan (dialogue)
Stars: Rajan Sippy, Mandakini, Danny & Suresh Oberoi
The story revolves around the pain of children that parents have , even adopted ones in India. Shankar played by Danny is a small time crook who is given number one by the gang leader played by Kader Khan, though his accomplice No. 7, who uses him and then gets him embroiled in a false murder. Shankar who deeply loves his wife Nanda, played by Deepti Naval and daughter Meena, played by Mandakini, is devastated when he comes to know that his newly born son is ailing from incurable fever, rushes to doctor, Dr. S. Malhotra, played by Suresh Oberio, who refuses to treat his son out of turn, which results in the baby's death. Full of vengeance, Shankar abducts the doctor's son, Shoorveer and hands him, to Iqbal to maim and make beggar. Iqbal is saved in epilepsy by Shoorveer, who then brings him up as his own son. Meanwhile Shankar is caught by the police and imprisoned and his daughter and wife by strange turn of events, are employed by none other than doctor Malhotra, who moved by their love and care, takes care of them. Shoorveer saves the life of doctor's adopted daughter Meena, and both develop a teenage affection. Both are then separated and meet again in youth, Shoorveer now being part of a gypsy entourage who love him. Nanda and Dr. Malhotra do not like their relationship, and Meena is being pursued by Rakesh Bedi who is Kader Khan's son. The story revolves around how Danny hungers for his family, Dr. Malhotra's pain to meet his long lost son, his love for his adopted daughter Meena, and the love of Meena and Shoorveer.
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