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Hey Welcome to Shoutout YT????.

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???? Paytm/Gpay/Phonepay : 7997111129

➤| PUBG Game ID: 5207443200
➤| Steam ID: 1025951336


????| Respect each-other in the chat.
????| No Spamming and NO Promotions in the chat without permission
????| No Racism/Abuse/Profanity, Treat Each Other Humbly. In chat
????| No Trash Talking For other chat
????| Respect chat
????| Listen and respect To everyone, especially the Mods



⚫PUBG Mobile (Emulator)
⚪Getting Over It (PC)
⚫Pacify (PC)
⚪HumanFall Flat (PC)
⚫GTA V (PS4)
⚪God Of War (PS4)
➤???? PC SPECS ????????????????
➼ Monitor - Samsung curved gaming monitor
➼ CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 3600
➼ Motherboard - GIGABYTE B450
➼ RAM - 16GB
➼ Hard Disk - 2TB WD
➼ Keyboard - Zebronics
➼ Mouse - Zebronics

➤???????? Discord???????? :

➤???????? Instagram???????? :


???????? Pubg Sensitivity video:


????????stream at Morning=˃˃7AM to 11AM

????????Stream at Evening=˃˃7PM to 11PM

Hey Public, as you know I will read each and every comment I see, and sometimes I may miss some comments. Please try to understand and Do not worry cuz I am available to every subscriber in the discord waiting room every SUNDAY. Members of the channel have a chance to talk with me when I am free in discord


????????????????Content Disclaimer????????????????

????????Please don't hate anyone I talk about in my videos or Live stream. This channel is only to Entertain people. Please don't spread Hatred. Please don't comment in such a way to hurt anyone Directly or indirectly.
????????????????Copyright Disclaimer????????????????

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