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Need a part to fix something in your house? Why not just 3d print it? In this video, I look at how to find parts for common repairs, how to modify them for your needs, and how to print them. I also discuss the impact of print orientation on strength.

Video Content

00:00 Introduction
03:14 What is OpenSCAD
04:28 Finding Models to Print
05:54 Customizing Models
09:37 How Strong are These Models
10:32 Print Orientation and Strength
11:13 Exporting as STL for Printing
12:22 Resizable Bracket Model
15:15 3d Printed Hinges
17:39 3d Printed Chains
21:43 3d Printed Nuts and Bolts

Here are links to the models I used in this video:

Bolts, Nuts, Screws

parametric hinges


Corner Angle (brace)

Shelf Bracket

DrVax Shelf Bracket

Let's continue to learn together. Irv

The following links are to products I have used, reviewed, or evaluated for the DrVax community. Some of the links below are affiliate links that provide commissions, at no cost to you, and help support the DrVax video production, purchase of products for reviews, lab, forum, and website.

I have reviewed the following printers or similar printers:


These are some of the tools I use for 3d printing day-to-day:


I have reviewed or used the following 3d printer upgrades:


Here are the 3d printer filaments I use to evaluate prints, software, and techniques:


I will be covering basic electronics and software in future DrVax segments and here are the products I am using:


Some of the Woodworking products I use:


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