Sky Beta Memories: Aviary Prairie Home, Part 2 (Walkthrough Beta 0.4.3 - 3)

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It is now December 2018,, and the first Seasonal Event has been introduced in the beta and limited live versions of Sky: Light Awaits (Later, Sky: Children of the Light). This is a complete walkthrough of that version of the game, starting out in Isle and ending in Storm, meeting all the Spirits (including the new Seasonal Spirits) along the way. New cosmetics were also introduced along with the Winter Season.

The Winter Season was set up much differently than our current seasons. Definitely a test to see how it would go, and full of bugs at the outset, it was definitely a breath of fresh air in the world of Sky. The Winter Season was brought to the Global Release version of Sky: Children of the Light as the Season of Rhythm, with some modifications and additional Cosmetics.

This video is Isle, Aviary, and part of Prairie.

Video recorded in December 2018. Commentary added in September Children of the Light Videos
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