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---------------------------------------------Sonic Lyrics--------------------------------------------------
" Get Ready, to get kicked out of your home,
Yeah T'chelly, Sonic's about to take your throne,
You think you're fast, but as soon as you blink I'm gonna be gone,
I found you on, ,
No you're not ready yet,
Oh no you're not ready to get stepped on like a cat,
He's got kitty litter,
If you want you can make a bet,
The Vibranium's gonna make him weak, better bring him to the vet,
He's gonna choke on a hairball,
You can never beat me, you can never see me I'm John Cena,
Black Panther's a Black Swan he's really a ballerina,
You fight like little babies, all the panther's got the rabies in Wakanda,
You can Never faze me with your little daisies, let me slow it
You can't dance!
You stand no chance,
You're gonna get crushed,
Get Snapped to dust, (Because you )
Because you'll loose! (Yeah you're gonna loose) "
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