Sonic CD - Versions Comparison (HD 60 FPS)

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Comparison Video of Sonic CD (Sega, 1993) featuring intro, first level and bonus gameplay of the following versions:

0:00 Sega CD (Japanese Version, 1993)
4:41 Sega CD (USA Version, 1993)
9:17 Windows 95 (1996)
13:27 PlayStation 2 / PS2, GameCube / GC (Sonic Gems Collection, Japanese OST, 2005)
17:38 iOS / Android (USA OST, 2011)
22:20 PlayStation 3 / PS3, Xbox 360 / X360 (2011), Windows (2012)

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Sonic CD featured two different soundtracks, one for Japan/Euro version and another for the American release. From PlayStation 2 ports to above, it's possible to choose both of the soundtracks except in GameCube version due to space limitations.

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