Sonic Forces Speed Battle - EXCALIBUR SONIC LEVEL 10 (HD Widescreen)

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He's level 10 now! Loooots of Gold rings , the devs should really lower the upgrade costs for special characters or at the very least make many more ways to earn (not buy for real money, EARN) rings. Don't think it will happen though.

Really like that they made a character in a costume, which actually exists in the official SEGA Sonic games. His animations look very good too, I'm surprised they made extra effort with that this time. I even paid for the Tails' Vault to upgrate him quicker and show him to you guys. Hope you'll appreciate that and enjoy the video! :) I'll make more videos once he's at higher level. Maybe level 8 or even level 10, as I do have enough Gold Rings to upgrade him to that level and I actually like him enough to spend that much rings on a special character.

Custom music: Sonic and the Black Knight - Knight of the Wind
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