Sonic Forces Speed Battle - EXCALIBUR SONIC - NEW CHARACTER (HD Widescreen)

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Finally, here's my gameplay video of Excalibur Sonic - the new Special Character in Sonic Forces Speed Battle (or simply Sonic Forces mobile).
Really like that they made a character in a costume, which actually exists in the official SEGA Sonic games. His animations look very good too, I'm surprised they made extra effort with that this time. I even paid for the Tails' Vault to upgrate him quicker and show him to you guys. Hope you'll appreciate that and enjoy the video! :) I'll make more videos once he's at higher level. Maybe level 8 or even level 10, as I do have enough Gold Rings to upgrade him to that level and I actually like him enough to spend that much rings on a special character.

Custom music: Sonic and the Black Knight - With Me (All Ends version)
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