Sonic in minutes in 92 minutes

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No, it's not a meta parody of the Sonic in minutes cartoons in general.
Tough I'm sure that'll be a request next year.
Nah, it's just the Sonic in minutes cartoons that weren't originally sped up now in the style of the older ones.

Was one of the requests I got for April fools, so here it is. An hour of chipmunk voices. Thought it'd be an quick and easy video, but it still took hours of rendering. Yay.
Ironically, for some of the Sonic in minutes, this is technically their best upload. In particularly Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations and Sonic Adventure 2 Evil Doc style are enhanced and better then their original upload. At least, they were before I sped them up anyway.
Also included is Sonic Secret Rings in minutes, sadly in bad shape.
That one is completely lost in time, for some reason I only uploaded it on Sheezyart, and that website is gone now.
Fortunatly 2 Youtubers got a version up, which ended up preserving it.
Not that I really care, wasn't too fond of it. But might as well throw it in here for the sake of completion.
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