Sonic Sprite Flash - Indesesian Emerald Episode 7 - Series Finale

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My I made a mistake and uploaded it in crappy quality. But I fixed it. I didn't get a chance to read anyone's comments. Lol So please don't hesitate to share your thoughts. Keep it Civil though.


Normally I would tell you awesome people what was it like making a new Episode, but this time is different. I was going to keep this to myself and "walk away" but I don't like to beat around the bush and hide: I am NO LONGER making sprite animations. I would talk you to death on why I'm not into to this thing anymore but to keep it short: Doing this sh!t is so time consuming and I almost never have time to do it. The 1 and only reason why I was able to release BOTH Episode 6 and 7 in [pretty much] a year was because of Quarantine. Had that not been a thing, I would still been working on the 4th or 5th scene of Episode 6. Not to mention, doing this isn't even fun anymore. To me at least. Maybe its because I'm getting older or Flash just isn't my cup of tea anymore.

After watching the Episode, I'm pretty sure the 2nd most asked question next to "WHY DID SONIC AND (Spoiler)" will be: Well if you're done, then how come there's cliffhangers? Honestly, that's if I somehow change my mind in the future and come back to animating. (Doubtful)

As for that spoiler I've mentioned above. If you're sensitive and get offended over disturbing scenes, then don't let that "Certain Part" bother you. (If you know, you know.) It's not canon to the real story, and this was just made for fun and entertainment purposes AND NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. But if it still bothers you, then please click off this video.

Speaking of fun, I just want to say that's what making these Animations were about. This is for the Assholes trying to harshly criticize me on my story and sprite flashes. I'm not proud of them but dude, I never cared about how "good" they are. If you think they're terrible, then go ahead and think that. But stop trying to put me down because you hate my videos. If it's that horrible, then don't watch it. That way you don't waste your time and mines. I obviously don't expect everyone to like me and my content, but don't try to belittle me just because you hate the videos I make. Anyone that says some dumb shit in the comments, I'm just blocking you, after 5 years of hearing it, that sh!t is getting annoying.

As for that "Certain Part" I know for sure its gonna be angry people in the comment section. Lol that's fine. Just remember this isn't real and none of these characters exist in this reality. I just want to remind everyone that before people explode in the comments.

Lol If you hate me because of 'what happened' or because of what I said in the beginning of the description, then that's fine too. But if you still like me despite all of that, then I REALLY APPRECIATE you for being such a great fan and being supportive over the years. I'm sorry for this kind of news but, you always find what's best for you and makes you happy. That's what matters. I don't know what will I do now that I'm not doing IE or animations anymore. I may not be on YouTube for a gone forever. Lol who knows.

I've made a playlist for the music and all of the OSTs are in order. So there you go:

Music credits:

World 6 theme - Super Mario All Stars
On the Verge of Insanity - Bleach
Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni OST - Main Theme
Zuzwang - Unbreakable Machine
Ock Fight - Spiderman 2
Roxas - Kingdom Hearts II
Kyrie - Death Note
Big Swell - Sonic Rush Adventure
Erza- Fairy Tail
Raw Breath of Danger - Bleach
Volcano Theme - Duck Life 4
Mysterio - Spiderman 2
Dark Colossus - Unknown
Golden Frieza - Saiyan Enigma
Helicopter Fight - Mortal Kombat X
The Hunchback of Notre Dame Hellfire - Kingdom Hearts 3DS Imagined
Mitsuganae soundtrack - Jigoku shoujo
14Shibai - Jigoku Shoujo
Death of a Friend - Spiderman 3
A Winters Wish - Harry's CupBoard Music
Glacier - Duck Life 4
Silent Conquest - Bejeweled 2
World 5 Freezing Forest - Super Collapse 3
Highschool DxD~ {For Me, Live On} ˙Hip Hop - Amateru/ Yomi5
Crunch Time Extended - Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex
World 8 Map (Part 2) - Super Mario 3D Land
Cosmic Clones - Super Mario 3D Land
Chaoz Survivor - ParagonX9
Unknown - The next OSTs were compilated into some form of remix
Clannad OST - Existence
Titania (Fairy Tail Erza Theme Hip Hop Remix) - Dr. SparX Beats
Eyes of Heaven OST- JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Remember (Original Composition) - Unknown
Evil Morty Trap Remix - Trap City


This series is based on Dragon Ball Z. If you don't like Fancharacters and/or Sonic fighting like DBZ characters then click off this video.

Other than all of that: Grab a snack and ENJOY the video :)
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