Sonic the Hedgehog - Versions Comparison (HD 60 FPS)

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Comparison video of Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega, 1991) in its 16-bit home console releases, with first level gameplay in Green Hill of the following versions:

0:00 Mega Drive (Japanese Version) (1991)
1:04 Genesis (USA, Europe Version) (1991)
2:03 Arcade (Mega Play) (1993)
3:04 Sega Saturn (1997)
4:01 Dreamcast (2001)
5:02 J2ME (Glu Version) (2005)
5:59 J2ME (iFone Version) (2005)
6:58 Game Boy Advance (2006)
7:57 Nintendo DS (2010)
9:00 Nintendo 3DS (2013)
10:00 iOS / Android (2013)
11:04 Nintendo Switch (2018)
12:08 BONUS: Sonic Mania
15:16 BONUS: Sonic Generations

As a Bonus gift, we have included the first level of Sonic Mania and Sonic Generations, so you can see how Green Hill has evolved throughout the years.

Dreamcast, Nintendo DS and Nintendo Switch are based on emulation, but they've been included as they have some differences with the original release. Other versions based on emulation as the first iPhone version (2008) have been excluded.

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