Sonic Uprising (Debut Demo) :: First Look Gameplay (1080p/60fps)

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SONIC UPRISING is a 2D side-scrolling platform fan project inspired by the classic formula from the Mega Drive Era of Sonic the Hedgehog, created by Team Gigadrive. The project's goal is to reboot the canon story of SEGA's recent fast paced video game titled Sonic Forces.

Sonic Uprising's mission is to rework the entire game's plot as a whole, which was the major focus of the game, with features such as additional characters, better 2D physics, improved level design, ideas that were scrapped before production and much more to come.

However, since Uprising has it's own version of the canon, there may be some differences from the actual canon. As Metal there is only one Sonic.

After years of battles, the unthinkable had happened.

Sonic the Hedgehog; Hero of Mobius, had fallen.

Thanks to Eggman's discovery of a brand new way to exploit Chaos Emerald energy, the doctor has been able to successfully defeat his long time nemesis.

However, this was only the beginning. Along with this new power, Eggman started to grow a force bigger then anything ever seen. Sonic's friends attempted to fight back, but were no match for the doctor's increasingly massive army. Even some of the world's leaders, such as , have been unable to get much progress in fighting back.

6 months later, when most people had assumed him truly gone, Sonic returns and witnesses firsthand what the world has become.

Most of his friends have been scattered or captured, and to make matters worse, the doctor has used the Chaos Emeralds to help develop and power possibly his greatest weapon yet. Roboticization; a process that can convert organic material into robotic equivalents, effectively creating free armies from innocent Mobians.

With all the cards on the table, it's up to Sonic to pick up the pieces and figure out what happened, reunite his friends, regain the emeralds, and end Robotnik's rule before it's too late.

Will Sonic and co be able to end the doctor's machinations once and for all, and if

At what cost?

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