Sonic VTuber Plays - SUPER MARIO IS DEAD 64 (70 Star Run) #VTuber

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Welcome to my Live Stream on Super Mario 64 played on the Nintendo Switch via the Super Mario 3D All-Stars Collection!
Keep the chat clean as usual, and if you don't know what's right and wrong to say, read the rules below for details. Enjoy!
#TY2 #VTuber #Live2D #NintendoSwitch #LiveStream #Sonic #Zonic #ZonicTHedgehog #Mod #SonicVTuber

VTuber model by: LilMissAnimator (LMA)

Chibi Zonic art by: @PyonSukis

(My Streams have chat rules, read them further below in the description to avoid any conflicts)

Chat Rules:

- Please don't be rude to me or others, we're here to have fun

- No Spamming

- No advertising of your own channels/websites.

- Keep language to a minimum, nothing too nasty now.

- Don't ask for PSN, Xbox Live, Steam, or Nintendo account names/codes, I don't add anyone I don't know.

- No Roleplaying

- You can't ask for subscribers/followers.

- I don't give shout-outs, so don't bother asking.

- When asking questions or requests, be formal and nothing that will make me or co-commentators feel uncomfortable.
Examples: Addresses, Relationships, Phone Numbers, ect.

First time will be a warning (don't try anything funny anyways, lol)
Second time will be a time out
Third is a ban.

(Keep to those rules, and we can have a super fun time!)

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????Check out below all the equipment/tools I use:
????Avermedia Live Gamer (Extreme Capture Card)
????Audio-Technica AT2020 w/pop filter & shockmount
+ Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
????Adobe Premiere (Video Software)
????MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab (Audio Software)
????Paint Tool Sai (Used to make Thumbnails)
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