Sonic.exe - Conquest | Beating All the Game and Getting the True/Secret Ending!!!

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Big shout out for my friend Denis Kazancev! He recorded the video and gave it to me to share with you guys) Give him some love and support ^^
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Thumbnails are made by: @Kaenlet
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Diana Game:
Programs that i use:
- Obs Studio (Streaming)
- Nvidia Shadowplay (Recorder)
- Sony Vegas PRO 16 Edit Steam (Video Editor)
- HandBrake (Audio Sync)
- Conquest
The game contains all the plot content. Many bugs, in particular fatal ones, are still present, but taking into account the fact that time is now categorically short, then if I don’t post the game now, then maybe I will never post it. Please take this with understanding. Perhaps the game will be updated, so stay tuned. XPADDER RECOMMENDED!

Made by: @Lipoviy_obzorzhik
Outro Song:

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