????SONSOFFUN Biggest Ws???? In Bubble Gum Simulator!???? *Dementors, Radiance, Mythic Ice Basilisk*

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SonsOfFun Taking Some W Trades!
I Decided to find some trades where sons took a win! (Which is pretty rare) since he usually overpays for the new secrets!

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???? UPDATE 66 ????
???? The Christmas portal has opened to the biggest event EVER!
???? 3 new eggs, over 50 new pets!
???? Go on an epic quest to help Santa save Christmas!
???? Brewing station and 4 new potions!
???? Advent Calendar (free rewards every day!)
???? And so much more!
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Welcome to Bubble Gum Simulator! Blow bubbles to reach new heights in the clouds. Sell your bubbles or collect coins to buy upgrades! Hatch pets as companions to help you on your adventure.

A game by Rumble Studios.
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