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Presenting South (Sauth) Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi Full Movie (Horror Movies In Hindi, Hindi Movies , South Movie , New Movies) "Amala Paul (Sindhu Samaveli)" starring Harish Kalyan, Amala Paul, Ghajini, Fahad Nasar & Ganja Karuppu. Exclusively on South Star Heroines.

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Movie Credits:
Cast: Harish Kalyan, Amala Paul, Ghajini, Fahad Nasar & Ganja Karuppu
Directed By Samy
Music Composed by Sundar C Babu
Produced By Michael Rayappan
Cinematography Utpal V. Nayanaar
Edited by G. Sasikumar

Synopsis :
Anbu (Harish Kalyan) is a brilliant student in a village school in the Kanyakumari area. His mother teaches in the same school, and his father Veerasami (Ghajini) is a CRPF soldier in Assam. His classmate Sundari (Amala Paul), who is elder to him by three years, falls for him. One day, his father gets injured in a militant attack and takes voluntary retirement and comes back to the village. The father dotes on his family, especially his son, but tragedy strikes as his wife dies from a snakebite. Both father and son are devastated. Anbu decides to fulfill his mother's dream of becoming a teacher. Around this time, his father and other relatives pressure him into marrying Sundari. The newlyweds are together for hardly a month, before they are separated as Anbu has to go to the teachers' training school. Sundari is left in the house to look after her father-in-law.

Anbu's father having lack of contact with any woman after his wife's (Anbu's mother) death, longs for a sexual companion. He starts looking at Sundari in a sexual way. Being close around her and with Anbu absent, he starts fantasizing about having sex with Sundari. After rescuing her from a fall from the boat, he tries to molest the unconscious Sundari. But regaining consciousness soon she is shocked and covers herself. But unable to control his urges, Anbu's father proceeds to force himself on her and the duo proceed to have sex on the boat.

After this incident Anbu's father tries to kill himself but is prevented by Sundari stating that she also at one point joined in the act. They ignore the incident and try to live a normal life. Anbu's father starts to drink heavily and sleeps outside regularly. Sundari one day invites him inside and provides food. This time Sundari aroused by the previous incident, is the first to lure Anbu's father for sex. After having sex multiple times the illicit Father-in-law and daughter-in-law are now comfortable with the new relationship.

They start going out for movies together, Sundari provides Anbu's father alcohol when he needs, cooks food and at night performs any sexual favors he needs. Anbu's father buys her slinky clothes and watches her wear them. The relationship is highly bound by lust they have on each other.

One day Anbu returns to find out the bitter truth. He tries to engage in sex with Sundari but she avoids. The father and son are now targeting for the same woman leading to a bitter clash between them. Situation escalates and Sundari attempts suicide killing herself. Enraged by all this Anbu kills his father.

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