Speed Test iOS 14.3 Beta 3 vs iOS 14.2

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iOS Beta 3 dropped yesterday 15 days after the release of
Beta 2. Normally the 2 week delay is between Beta 1 and Beta 2
this time it was between Beta 3 and Beta 2. Strange. But looking
at the build number we are already down to an A release, which
could mean that the final release will come soon. The next release
could be a GM / RC version, but I am guessing we will also see
Beta 4. I ran a poll on Youtube and Twitter if I should split of
the videos into 6 device specific videos, and the overwhelming result
was to keep it in one video, so that is what we will do. Lets get
it going.

iPhone SE 00:00
iPhone 6S 07:15
iPhone 7 13:59
iPhone 8 20:40
iPhone XR 27:29
iPhone 11 33:18

Music by Niwel (see credits below)

Track 01 : Aurora
Track 02 : Hurt You Again

Music by Niwel a french music producer.


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SOUNDCLOUD: @niwel-516897768


CONTACT: niwelmusic@
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