Stamblade PVP Build [CP/NO-CP] - HIGH DMG - ESO Stonethorn

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Timestamps and build down below.
This is one of the most insane and powerful 1vX builds I've ever used. It has crazy damage while having everything you need on a 1vX setup: mobility, sustain, defense. to check out this build in action!
Enjoy, leave a comment if you have any questions.
00:35 - Sets & Gear
6:33 - Front bar
11:33 - Back bar
16:49 - Attributes, mundus, food, race, etc.
19:07 - Why vampire, potions
21:56 - CP setup
Huge thanks to @Dragonloli and other stamblades from PC EU for helping me set this up!
House belongs to NefasQS
2x bloodspawn, 4x clever alch body, 3x briarheart body, torc of tonal, front nirn briar maul w/ shock, back infused alch bow w/ WD enchant.
Armor are all tri stat and well fitted, jewellery all infused, wpn dmg
Front skills: camo hunter, surprise att, rally, relentless, executioner, incap
Back skills: shadow img, invis cloak, shuffle, vigor, leeching, temporal
all stam, shadow stone, artaeum, wood elf, stg 3 vamp
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