Street Fighter V CE Chun Li vs Falke PC Mod

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I had to put Chun Li back in the Lifeguard mod and this is the wet skin, vertical navel, without sunglasses nor binoculars variant. She takes on Falke back in the Burlesque mod and this mod has no variants. Remember, I do not make mods as I find them online and try to have cool battles with them. Remember Falke? Yeah she's not shown that much on my channel anymore because her videos draw low views no matter who I have her fight against or what mod is being showcased. Its that bad for her right now. I thought the action was pretty good here though so it will be ashamed it wont get a lot of views. The CPU is very aggressive when its Falke and this battle took me a few tries to get. If you pay attention in the 3rd round, I had to keep my distance and block Falke's attacks because of how aggressive it is when doing it has its CA meter. That was the key. Hope you guys enjoy the fight and have a great day!

Chun Li Lifeguard: contact brutalace on his deviantart page

Falke Burlesque Outfit:
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