Sunday QnA 97 | iOS 14 is copied from android, galaxy a51 vs iPhone SE 2, galaxy tab s6 lite vs iPad

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This is our 97th sunday tech qna and in this video we'll talk about

0:00 Start
1:00 Macbook for engineering students
2:20 iPad Pro india availability
3:24 say no to software piracy
6:10 bad battery life of iPhone
7:10 apple ecosystem
8:00 laptop vs desktop
8:47 laptop vs ipad for school students
10:00 Boe display iPhone 12 pricing
10:59 which iPhone 12 will I buy?
10:49 Samsung galaxy tab s6 lite vs iPad 7th gen
12:59 why do gamers use iPhone and android
13:52 siri privacy leak
15:25 Dubai iPhone in India
16:10 insurance for iPhone
17:20 stop promotion
18:55 bitcoin & crpto currency
19:46 how to know which video is a paid video
21:10 how to prepare for exams
22:10 iOS14 is copied from android
23:37 MacBook as windows replacement
24:40 new channel for android reviews
27:00 galaxy a51 vs iPhone SE 2020
28:00 My clean shaven look

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