SWG Legends Bespin Beta #1 (Exclusive First Look)

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Finally, our first in-depth look at the unofficial expansion for Star Wars Galaxies - Bespin: The City in the Clouds!

We explored this huge content update for SWG Legends with the dev team for two hours, asking questions, experiencing the new quests and visiting iconic locations. We even had time to take to the clouds in the new and exclusive Bespin luxury yacht!

We also got a look at new heroic content, an arena for PVPers and had time to dig into some of the tantalizing new awards available to players (from long anticipated buildings to new armor sets!)

Because we covered so much I've split our time on Bespin into a series of vids that will be coming out over the next few days. Please remember to sub up and ding the bell so you don't miss the next episode!

Bespin Beta Part 2

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