Synology 2021 - Everything Revealed - DSM 7 Beta, Photos, FC SAN, Hybrid Cloud and More

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Synology NAS - What They Have In Store for 2021

Synology made the shift to digital for the annual reveal of their plans for the year to come and it became abundantly clear from the outset that they had users attention - given the fact the page link overloaded for many almost immediately! Synology has been a brand that is heavily 'Apple' stylized and their annual worldwide events have very much maintained that vibe. This recent shift to the digital (for obvious, pandemic reasons), although informative, certainly lacked the hardware coverage that we have come to expect at these events in previous years, shifting the focus far, FAR more towards software. Not just anyway software though, the presentations were focused on Diskstation Manager and all its accompanying applications, services and improvements over DSM Let's take a look at what Synology has in store for us in 2021.

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