TEKKEN 6 4K Jin Kazama Arcade-Mode on 8K PS3 Emulator

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Just a Showcase, we can play VS on Parsec tho.

RPCS3 is downloadable on their official website.
My settings are:
CPU: (LLMV), (LLMV) ThreadScheduler, SPU-Loop & Cach
GPU: Vulkan, 16:9, 16x, auto, auto, 720p, 600%, 16x, (multi), Write, Stretch.

I got an 1080TI, Ryzon 1700x, and 32GB Ram.
Your specs could be half as good and it still should work.
Tho If you wanna go for the full 800% without scrrentaring, lag etc.
I would recomend getting a 2090+
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