Tesla FSD beta Situations & Scenarios

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FSD Beta SW:

Lots of good situations and scenarios in this video compilation.

Cameras used:

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Primary Lens:
Secondary Camera:

0:00 Intro
1:22 Left turn and Right turn
2:13 4 way stop Left turn
2:43 Driving into housing complex to door/garage of address
3:26 Sun in camera left turn crossing 4 lanes
4:08 Sun in camera left turn crossing 4 lanes with oncoming traffic
5:00 Right turn not from shoulder
5:25 Right turn from wrong lane
5:44 Stopping short at light for pedestrians
6:22 Smooth right turn merge
6:42 Left turn with oncoming traffic
7:30 Left turn with oncoming traffic in both directions into merging lane
8:05 Right turn
8:18 Right turn lane when it needs to go straight
8:45 Right turn into housing community
9:32 Left turn with dual lane cross traffic
10:23 Right turn from outer lane
10:38 Flashing Red Stop
10:58 Left tight turn
11:31 Closed Road
12:52 Road hazards avoided and road split right turn
13:20 Roundabout
14:14 4 way stop
14:45 Dual obstacle avoidance
15:39 Left turn when person crossing
16:03 Right turn when person crossing/stopping
16:28 Larger obstacle avoidance
16:48 Dual obstacle avoidance
17:29 Dual obstacle avoidance with additional car
18:10 4 way stop when secondary car moves while Tesla is in motion
18:44 Left turn and immediate right from wrong lane

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