The Amazing Adventures of Detective Spandex! | Filmmaker Tycoon (Film Studio Sim)

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Film Maker Tycoon is a game that puts us in charge of building up a film studio and producing films to entertain the world! In our studios, obviously named TGC Studios, we create a character that is soon beloved around the entire the wonderful Detective Spandex!

We have to do everything, from hiring scriptwriters and directors through to purchasing camera kit and buying boom mics for the set.

There's also research to be done where we can unlock new post-production techniques, create new film types and purchase some very expensive trees. We do, however, happen across a somewhat unfortunate mathematical error in the game which causes us some monetary

NOTE: This is the Early Access version of the game.


Film Maker Tycoon can be found here:


If you’d like to connect with me, you can find me







Filmmaker Tycoon lets you build your very own Movie Studio and make award winning Movies. Design your Movie Studio, write your Scripts, hire famous Actors and Directors and make the Movies you want!
Design and build your Movie Studio
Design the Movie Studio of your dreams. Construct a Scriptwriting Office, Post-Production Studio, Research Lab, Movie Sets, and

Unlock new scenes for your movies, better marketing campaigns, better post-production profiles and decorative items for your Movie Studio by researching technologies.
Location Scouting and Movie Sets
Send your staff members to scout locations to build more Movie Sets. Each Movie Set can be further upgraded with lighting, audio and camera stabilization upgrades to make your movies look better.
Equipment System
Filmmaker Tycoon's Equipment System is modeled after real world cameras and lenses. Each Camera and Lens Kit offers something different. You get to decide what cameras and lenses you want to use with your films.
Scene Maker
Mix and match over 100+ scenes to make the movie of your dreams. Each scene can be further customized with background scenes and characters.
Manage your Employees!
Each character in Filmmaker Tycoon is unique and has their own traits and behaviors. Keep a close eye on your employees or else something terrible will happen on set.

Choose each and every part of your actors' costumes. Decide on what each character wears when they appear on the silver screen.
Further tweak your films with Post-Production. Edit your films with background music, ambiance and color grading to improve their production values.
Watch Movies!
Filmmaker Tycoon lets you actually watch your film creations. Each movie you create is fully animated with voice acting and reflects every decision you made in the production of the film.

Shoot for the stars and make movies in Filmmaker Tycoon!


Channel graphics designed by Penge in The Geek Cupboard.

Additional audio:
Music to Delight Kevin MacLeod ()
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution License
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