The Best Dreamcast emulator on PC - Redream (setup/installation/tutorial)

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Hey All! In this video I go over the best Sega Dreamcast emulator on PC - Redream!
No Bios needed, free and paid versions, easy setup, works on older PCs.

Redream emulator:

Description from the website:
Experience the Dreamcast in HD

Redream is a work-in-progress Dreamcast emulator, enabling you to play your favorite Dreamcast games in high-definition on Windows, Mac and Linux.

High-Definition Gaming
Render your favorite Dreamcast classics in 1080p or 4k like they deserve.

Ready To Play
No controller configuration, no BIOS or flash files, just add games and play.

Great Compatibility
Over 80% of the Dreamcast's library is able to be played from start to finish.

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