The BEST way to stream Call of Duty Mobile! How to stream Mobile Games to Twitch w/ facecam 1080p60

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I've been asked many times to make a tutorial on streaming mobile - both gameplay and camera feeds - and I've finally found a solution I'm confident in presenting. PRISM Live Studio sponsored today's episode of StreamGuides so that we can dig deeper into how to stream on mobile.
[This video is sponsored by PRISM Live Studio.]
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They have already started releasing updates, if you want to read more: @prismliveofficial/mobile-guide-v1-9-0-update-preview-7b1e7d044075

In this video, I walk you through the BEST way to stream on mobile - streaming in portrait or landscape, with both cameras on your phone, screencasting and streaming mobile games like Call of Duty Mobile, (how to stream Call of Duty Mobile), include website sources, edit videos, and multi-cast! Thanks for watching my PRISM Live Studio tutorial and guide.

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