THE DEATH OF A SIM [by Random Encounters]

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Meet the world's unluckiest Sims! The Dingle Family is dying for a break from but their fate is in someone else's


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This is Danny Dingle. He's a Sim I created.
The founder of the Dingle family name.

Danny had it all and he was well-educated,
but Danny wouldn't last long in my game.

I gave him plenty to eat,
and kept him decently clean.
I helped him hold down a job
and live his boring routine

Until the stereo broke,
which I then forced him to mend,
And that's how one of my Sims
met an electrified end!

Everyone knows the life of a Sim
is brutally short and packed to the brim
with strange little dangers so wildly weird and grim,
you'll want to murder every Sim!

Grody Dodie Dingle was insanely untidy,
which honestly inspired her demise.
She lived in squalor and the odor was mighty
and Dodie got devoured by the flies!

Her brother Dilbert was just
as inexplicably daft-
A playful Sim I put in
the bubble bath while he laughed.

I made him sit there all day,
and Dilbert laughed till he cried,
and then he choked and turned blue
from all the laughter and died.

Nobody mourns the death of a Sim!
They never live long. Their chances are
A simple decision could cost them their life and limb!
It ain't a crime to kill a Sim!

Darling Darla Dingle ate garbage and died-
It took a little and yeah, I did a bit of

Rugged Dudley Dingle stood freezing outside,
but he didn't last long in his skimpy

Doomsday is coming! The reaping begins!
This is our purpose: to kill all the Sims!

Poor Dorothy Dingle
Was feeling weak and famished-
No fridge to feed her,
and no way out to make a sandwich.

The death of Dexter
demanded something dire-
I made him sunbathe
until he lit himself on

Don't get me started
on Dexter's nephew's smiting-
Young Dylan died when
his kite was fried by bolts of

I planned a doozy
for Desi’s final hour:
I made a hottie
and left him naked in her shower.

No one is safe! Not one single Sim!
They'll die in a crash and drown while they swim!
They might bite the dust while woo-hooing a guy named Jim!
I'm sure we all agree that

Half of the fun is killing your Sims
in sadistic ways, on psychotic whims!
So say them a prayer, cause the lights on upstairs are dim-
It's time to kill another Sim!
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