The Lizard Man Full Gameplay Part 2 | New Android Horror Game |

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The Lizard Man Full Gameplay Part 2 | New Android Horror Game |

The lizard man New Android Horror Game.

The lizard man full gameplay.

The lizard man Part 2 Full Gameplay.

The lizard man New android Game.

The lizard man New Game Gameplay.

About this Game:-

Scary Adventure

The mystery behind missing kids remained unsolved. The fear among the residents kept on growing like a dark lingering shadow. The rumor about a scary monster in the village was spreading like wildfire creating terror and horror among the people.

Clancy Brown the explorer boy of the town witnessed the kidnapping of his cousin by a green monster. There were always stories about a lizard Man residing in the abandoned subway station but no one believed it as no monster was ever seen. The fear of the Lizard Man became real when Clancy saw his cousin being taken by the big scary monster.
The quest for the rescue was now upon Clancy. Help him to sneak into the monsters den and rescue the missing kids from the slavery of The Lizard Man.
The Lizard Man is using the kids to power his hothouse to keep it warm. No one has ever dared to approach his home before
Dare to solve the dark mystery of the lizard Man?


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