The Long Distance of Murder [Red Canyon 2] (F-Zero X) - GaMetal Remix

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It’s time we finally did one of F-Zero’s most under appreciated jams: The Long Distance of Murder (Red Canyon 2)!

◆ "Breakin the Law" (Falcon Punch) T-Shirt by Draculabyte
◆ Gameplay by Airsh (F-Zero X) and FZRBrawler (F-Zero GP Legend)

A question I get asked often is 'if you could do a song that was completely your choice, not influenced by requests, what would you do?'.

My answer is usually that, to this point, I've pretty much done every song that I've REALLY wanted to do, but there's always a few out there I haven't done that have been on my personal to-do list for ages.

The Long Distance of Murder is one of those songs.

This is my personal favorite F-Zero song. I first heard it in GP Legends (if you haven't been able to tell, I'm actually a lot more familiar with the GBA F-Zero soundtracks than I am the others), and I fell in love with it. I've been meaning to do it but, it's a really long to murder.

Lucky for me, this got pulled in a GaMetal Patreon drawing, lol.

This arrangement combines elements from all versions of the song: F-Zero X (and eXpansion if you want to count that), GP Legends, and the official "Guitar Arrange" album version.

Bring back F-Zero, Nintendo!

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