The Original Beta Story of Ocarina of Time PART 2 | Zelda Cut Content

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With a recent leak of a 1997 build of Zelda 64, new info has come forth detailing another story different from both the final games and previous beta builds of Zelda 64 including the Spiritual Stone losing their power. Today on Cut Content we explore the another cut beta story of Zelda 64.

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Credits to all the amazing people:

GameOver Jesse
For pointing us to that interview with Shigeru Miyamoto

The Miyamoto Interview:

Forest of illusion
Attaining and dumping the Zelda 64 1997 maps from the F-Zero X Dev Cart

Mod featuring all gameplay footage of cut maps + footage of beta Kokiri Forest (older)

DLViewer for viewing beta maps

Footage of Kokiri Forest,, Hyrule Castle, Zora Domain, Zora River, Inside Jabu Jabu's Belly, Temple of Time 7 years later, Link returning to the past, Ganondorf/Ganon Battle

Footage of the reconstruction of actors in the Beta "Inside the Great Deku Tree" dungeon

Footage of naming a horse in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild


0:00 - The Original Beta Story of Ocarina of Time PART 2 | Zelda Cut Content
1:23 - Kokiri Forest and the Kokiri people
3:26 - Lost Woods to The Great Deku Tree
4:49 - Inside the Great Deku Tree
6:39 - Lon Lon Ranch + Malon + Epona
7:29 - Castle Courtyard and Navi
8:00 - Death Mountain and the Goron
9:09 - Zora Domain + the Zora + Jabu Jabu
10:38 - Confronting Ganondorf
11:44 - Opening the Door of Time
12:44 - Inability to Warp Back in Time
13:27 - Beta Ganondorf
14:45 - Beta Shiek
15:17 - Extro

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