The Start of Season 3! Ben Hennen = Cheat Code? Muffin Men vs Predators BGFL Opening Day Highlights

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Season 3 was the best season for Fortnite, and it will be the same for the BGFL.
The season started earlier than anticipated after a weekend of incredible, sunny weather. It was around 75 degrees and partly cloudy for most of the game with mild wind. The draft didn't seem to slow down new Predators captain Logen Landowski, who caught fire at the end of the first half and didn't look back. Last year's star sub for the Honolulu Hotties finished his Predators debut with 22 completions and 4 touchdowns. He spread his passes evenly between the 2nd overall pick, Ben Hennen, and the last pick for the 2nd year in a row, Johnny Nemeth. To no one's surprise, Ben performed outstanding in his 1st ever BGFL game, catching 13 of his 15 targets, including a spectacular jumping catch over Marcus Congdon. He finished the game with 3 receiving touchdowns, but it wasn't enough to outgun the Muffin Men's stacked offense.
The Muffin Men scored on their first two drives thanks to multiple breakaway scrambles from Daniel Zacher. However, when the Predators stopped blitzing with Johnny Nemeth and instead with Cooper Steffes, Daniel crumbled under pressure and got sacked or made a bad throw. The Muffin Men were forced to move star receiver and team captain Carter Sharp to quarterback. The Predators immediately stopped blitzing due to Sharpie's elusive, which opened up the deep ball for Zach Pekula and Marcus Congdon. Sharpie finished the game with 3 rushing touchdowns and Pekula had 6 receptions. Marcus also had a receiving touchdown and one interception.
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