The Tomorrow War Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, How Time Travel Works And Spoiler Review

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The Tomorrow War Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, How Time Travel Works And Spoiler Review. We review, recap and explain The Tomorrow War on Amazon Prime Video. The Chris Pratt Time Travel movie has a lot to unpack and in this video we go over everything you need to know about it.

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0:00 The Tomorrow War Intro
0:36 Tomorrow War Breakdown
3:33 Chris McKay Comments
4:13 The Future
6:44 Ending Explained
8:37 Movie Review

Ok so The Tomorrow War begins in December 2022 and in it we follow a character called Dan played by Chris Pratt.

Dan did two combat tours with the military but he found his passion in the research lab which led to him becoming a science teacher.

During the world cup finale, time travellers arrive to tell us that not only is it coming home but that there's also a war far in the future in which humanity has been almost completely eradicated.

In the movie we learn that these monsters known as the White Spikes were brought over as cargo on an alien space ship that crash landed in Russia.

Frozen in ice for years these eventually unthawed and were unleashed on the population, destroying most of humanity.

There's worse timelines I suppose, like the one where Josstice League is still canon but in a last ditch attempt to save humanity, the humans of the future have travelled back in time to recruit us in their war to save the earth.

Bloody kids of the future, can't even fight their own wars without us.

Now this war of future past has an extremely high death count and less than 20% return from fighting the white spikes. Those that do are left with severe PTSD issues and because of this the topic of it is quite a controversial one. Now the film doesn't really discuss how time travel works overtly but we do learn that there is a tether in the past and future that people can travel between.

However these points aren't really static and as the movie goes on we learn that if one is to change the past that it drastically alters the future. The movie never out and out says it but clearly those enlisted have either had children or are old enough where they've lived most of their life. Therefore if they are killed in the future the people of the future will still be born and there won't be a grandfather paradox in which someone isn't born because their ancestor was killed in the future and thus unable to return to the past to give birth of them.

Let me know if that doesn't make any sense but moving on.

Due to the way that events happen in the film we do know that there is one timeline and that is possible to change the trajectory of the future by altering the past. The kids of 2022 seem pretty depressed the human race is gonna more dead than Alison Mack's career but Dan seems hopeful that it is possible to change things for the future.

However he is called to a draft and we learn that Dan is due to die in seven years time and thus he's more than adequate to fight in the future war without messing things up.

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