The ultimate elder scrolls online pvp build guide for the no proc Cyrodiil tests - 15th Feb 2021

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With all proc sets being disabled in Cyrodiil on the 15th of Feb 2021, we have made the ultimate elder scrolls online pvp build guide that shows you how to build for success in a tried and tested method for both magicka and stamina builds as well as tanks and healers! Having played for years, I am sharing this method I personally use to make my own effective pvp build that you, yourself can use to make your very own build!

In case you're aware what is a proc, anything that is not a flat stat gain will be disabled in the new Cyrodiil performance tests coming February 15th!!!

The full list of Sets which are not affected by this test are as follows:
Amber Plasm
Armor of the Trainee
Beekeeper’s Gear
Crafty Alfiq
Draugr Hulk
Fortified Brass
Grace of the Ancients
Hunding’s Rage
Impregnable Armor
Law of Julianos
Mother’s Sorrow
Plague Doctor
Spinner’s Garments
Spriggan’s Thorns
Willpower Agility

At the time of writing, ZOS is planning for this test to run for at least 3 weeks, and will let everyone know when we have next steps locked in.

See the notes here:


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