THE ULTIMATE SIM COCKPIT? | Next Level Racing GTtrack Cockpit Initial Impressions/Review

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Is the Next Level Racing GTtrack Cockpit the end game for sim cockpits? Let's go over my initial impressions of it! Again, thanks to Next Level Racing for sending it over, as well as Thrustmaster for sending over the TMX Pro Wheel and Pedal set, TH8A Shifter, and Ferrari Headset!

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To jump to a section, see chapters under the video or use one of these:
00:00 - Intro
02:29 - Setup & Build Quality
05:40 - Adjustability
07:30 - Modularity & Motion Platform Upgrade Path
08:40 - In Use - Comfort & Feeling
10:13 - Free Standing Monitor Stand & Keyboard Stand
11:26 - My Different Setups Including Xbox Series X
13:11 - Outro

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